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When running an e-commerce business, packaging is an important factor that contributes to your brand identity. Wrong mailer box sizes not only damage your products but also present your brand as careless. That’s why accurate dimension calculation, no matter what jewelry box or vape packaging you need for each product, is a must. Additionally, this will also ensure that you get the best shipping costs for delivering the packages.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about accurately measuring each box dimension for a product.

custom jewelry boxes

custom jewelry boxes

Essentials Before Measuring a Box Dimension for Your Products

Before measuring a box dimension for your product, you want to gather everything you’ll need. That way, you can do the calculations seamlessly without any hurdles. Here are all the essentials:

  • Ruler if the product is small and requires a small box
  • Tape measure for a medium-sized box
  • Yardstick for a substantial product
  • Pencil and paper to note the measurements down
  • Calculator

The Three Dimensions of a Box: What Are These?

Now that you’ve gathered everything you need, let’s understand what you’ll be measuring. To measure a box’s size, you’ll require three quantities. These are:

  • Length of the Box: This box dimension is the longest side of the opening panel of the box.
  • Width of the Box: This is the shorter of the two sides of the opening panel of the box.
  • Height of the Box: This is the standing side of the box, which is perpendicular to the length and width. It is not present on the opening panels.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Measure Box Dimension?

After identifying the different dimensions of the boxes, follow these steps to measure them:

Measure the Length

To measure the length of your box, identify the longest side of the opening panel. Next, align your measuring tool along the straight edge. The zero measure of the tool should align with one end of the side, and the rest should extend until the opposite end.

Measure the Width

Repeat the step explained above, but this time with the shorter side of the opening panel. Make sure that the measuring tool perfectly aligns with the sides for each measurement. Placing it at an angle will cause inaccuracies in your calculation.

Measure the Height

Measuring the height basically means to measure the depth of a box. You could do it from the inside, but it’s generally easier to do using the outside edge. To measure, simply align the measuring tool with the standing side of the box from its top down to its bottom edge.

Tips to Make a More Accurate Box Measurement

The more accurately you measure each box dimension, the more effective the product packaging will be. Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting the most accurate readings possible.

Be Consistent with the Unit

When measuring the dimensions of a box, ensure you are using the same unit for each one. So, for example, if you measure one dimension in inches, do not measure the others in centimeters or meters. Preferably, get in touch with your courier partner and ask their primary choice of unit. Then, measure your box accordingly.

Account for Irregular Shapes

Not all boxes are regularly shaped as a cube or rectangular cuboid. In the case of irregularly shaped boxes, make sure to account for the extra length in your calculations.

Calculating the Volume of the Boxes

After you’ve noted all the dimensions of a box, it’s time to calculate its size. This will be represented by the volume of the box. Since we’re considering the box to be a regular-shaped cuboid, the formula for its volume will be:

V (Volume) = L (Length) * W (Width) * H (Height)

For example, if a box has the following measurements,

L= 12 cm

W= 8 cm

H= 6 cm

Its volume will be:

V= 12 * 6 * 8

V = 576 cm3

Reasons to Collaborate with MJC Packaging

customized jewelry boxes

customized jewelry boxes

Measuring box dimensions for each product can be a hassle, but 72% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on packaging. So, if you don’t want to let your clients down and boost your e-commerce business, leave your packaging woes to us, MJC Packaging. We’re a global branded package manufacturer with over 20 years of history who provides the best packaging for dealers around the world.

Talking specifically, here’re the reasons to collaborate with us:

1. Comprehensive Customizing Solution

At MJC Packaging, we proudly offer a comprehensive customization solution that caters to the unique needs of your brand with a diverse selection of box styles, including sophisticated lid boxes, elegant magnetic boxes, convenient drawer boxes, and practical handle boxes, etc., to meet the various demands. Our use of state-of-the-art underscores our commitment to excellence Heidelberg presses for high-quality, precise printing results that ensure your brand stands out.

Additionally, we provide a variety of unique finishes like sleek paper bags, custom stickers, and personalized thank-you cards, alongside versatile inserts like EVA, cardboard, and eco-friendly wet press options to enhance both the protection and presentation of your products. MJC Packaging is dedicated to crafting an unparalleled unboxing experience that not only secures but also significantly elevates your product’s market presence.

2. Exceptional Selling Service

MJC Packaging is dedicated to providing an exceptional service experience that extends beyond just delivering quality packaging. Our experts offer detailed consultations to ensure that every design, material, and printing method is ideally suited to the client’s branding objectives and product requirements. This tailored process is designed to create not just packaging but a complete branding solution that resonates with your audience.

After your custom packaging has been delivered, our commitment to your satisfaction continues. We stay connected, seeking your feedback and making sure our solutions meet your expectations, thus fostering a reliable and long-term partnership.


Front Desk in MJC Packaging

Front Desk in MJC Packaging

Accurate measurements of each box dimension can make or break the effect of your packaging solutions. So, make sure to carefully follow each step we’ve mentioned for an accurate size calculation.

Alternatively, you could choose the easy way out and contact us at MJC Packaging. We use high-tech measurement solutions to ensure each box dimension is as accurate as possible. If you are interested, please browse our MJC Packaging’s official websites to learn more information and contact us!


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