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Custom Packaging Boxes for Chocolates and Cookies

MJC’s custom packaging boxes are an excellent choice for elegantly presenting and transporting chocolates and cookies. These boxes provide a visually appealing and protected environment for delicate delights such as artisanal chocolates and specialized biscuits. Image a sumptuous box decorated with complex motifs and bespoke prints that opens to reveal perfectly positioned confections, each in its own snug compartment, or a traditional box with a basic design that highlights the inherent attraction of handmade cookies.


The customization options available with MJC allow you to select from a variety of materials, sizes, and finishes, including glossy coatings, vintage-style textures, or eco-friendly options that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. Features such as magnetic closures, ribbon ties, and custom-shaped windows can add a touch of sophistication and innovation to the packaging, making the unboxing experience as delightful as the treats inside.

custom chocolate boxes

Custom Chocolate Boxes Made in China

Partnering with Chinese packaging suppliers such as MJC provides you with unique access to a wide range of high-quality materials and modern manufacturing methods at reasonable prices. MJC provides a wide range of customization options, including opulent finishes and sophisticated designs, as well as eco-friendly materials, all of which are intended to improve the packaging’s visual and tactile appeal.

MJC’s custom chocolate boxes are elegantly designed and can incorporate personalized box accessories like magnetic closures, ribbon ties, and personalized inserts to enhance the unwrapping experience. Whether you want to create a traditional, subtle style or a lavish presentation, our skilled designers will make your idea a reality.

custom chocolate boxes

MJC’s Expertly Designed Inserts for Chocolate Packaging

At MJC, we understand that the presentation of chocolates is just as important as their taste. That’s why we specialize in designing attractive and creative inserts for chocolate boxes that cater to the unique shapes and sizes of your chocolates. Our team of designers is adept at crafting inserts that accommodate a variety of chocolate configurations—be it truffles, bars, or shaped chocolates. Whether you need deep cavities for delicate truffles or tailored slots for uniquely shaped chocolates, MJC has the expertise to create an insert that fits perfectly. We utilize materials that not only support and protect your chocolates but also complement the overall design aesthetic of your packaging.

custom chocolate boxes

Magnetic Boxes for Chocolate Packaging

Magnetic boxes are particularly effective for chocolate packaging because they combine practicality with an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The magnets embedded in the closures ensure that the box remains securely shut, which is crucial for protecting the chocolates inside from exposure and damage during transit. This kind of closure is especially beneficial for delicate chocolates that are susceptible to melting or deforming with minor shifts or impacts.

The surface of magnetic boxes is also ideally suited for high-quality printing and detailed finishes, which allows brands to utilize sophisticated design techniques, such as foil stamping or embossing, to create a visually striking package that can serve as a powerful marketing tool.

custom chocolate boxes

Lid Boxes for Chocolate Packaging

Lid boxes are also a classic and sophisticated choice for chocolate packaging boxes. The design of lid boxes also contributes to a luxurious unboxing experience, as lifting the lid adds an element of anticipation and reveal that is particularly appealing in premium and unique occasion gifts. Additionally, lid boxes are highly customizable, allowing for a range of materials and finishes, such as embossing, foil stamping, and detailed printing, which can be tailored to align with brand aesthetics. They are often reusable, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers who value sustainable packaging options that can be repurposed. The shape of these boxes also facilitates easy storage and efficient stacking, making them a practical choice for both retailers and customers looking to minimize storage and shipping costs while ensuring product safety.

Full Options from Custom Chocolate Boxes Supplier

MJC offers customized professional chocolate packaging boxes designed specifically for retailers, gift companies, and other groups in the confectionery industry.

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custom packaging boxes

【Magnetic Box】

Custom magnetic jewelry packaging box has an elegant design, secure closure, and a captivating unboxing experience for your cherished and fashionable jewelry.

custom packaging boxes

【Lid and Base Box】

This jewelry packaging gives unforgettable unboxing moments because of sturdy construction, seamless design, and a touch of sophistication for every occasion.
custom packaging boxes

【Drawer Box】

Our jewelry packaging drawer box presents sophistication in every pull. Its secure storage is like a touch of luxury for treasures.
custom packaging boxes

【Shoulder Neck】

Upgraded from the lid and base box, the shoulder neck box has a stronger structure, which is also a perfect choice for a personalized jewelry box. Besides, you can also design your artwork on the neck.
custom packaging boxes